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Clarence High School - Work Skills


The Work Skills program runs after the reporting timeframe from Monday 4 December and is a fantastic opportunity for year 10 students to explore future pathways, undertake courses, gain valuable credentials and make connections beyond high school that can increase a student’s employability whilst also exposing them to the wider world of work.
Students will be encouraged to gain or extend existing paid work, take on work experience or volunteer as class, IT or Resource Centre assistants in local primary schools or at Clarence High School. From this work, students will earn an Employability Skills certificate which can be used as part of their employment portfolio. Students are also able to enrol in courses focussed on learning or increasing skills needed for particular workplaces such as Barista training or Senior First Aid.
It is primarily the student’s responsibility to arrange their Work Skills program and to align it with their future goals, however, they should draw on the various resources available to them to make informed decisions.
Below are documents needed for students to indicate their interest, organise their program and additional information.
All forms and payments are due back in the school office by the 31th August 2017




Folder: CHS Work Skills - Forms
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Folder: CHS Work Skills - Information
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